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11. Reduce the pressure

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There is no doubt that trading business is high voltage. All of it is characterized by constantly moving the markets and continually evolving environment in which traders act, coupled with the need to make decisions in conditions of uncertainty and ambiguity. The one who doesn’t feel the pressure, feel the market.

But pressure brings with it a big problem. The human body can not long withstand a lot of stress and tension. It is harmful to health. And this, ultimately, leads to a harsh sentence that may put you on the floor of the exchange.

So traders that want to remain successful, there is no other choice: You must learn to reduce the pressure, or will not survive in the market long enough.

Fortunately, successful traders who have to withstand strong pressure, found methods for helping to remove it. You too can use them and increase their ability to trade successfully in conditions of severe stress. These methods include:

Smaller deals: One of the initial sources of stress risk on open positions. You can adjust the overall level of risk, and hence the pressure level by adjusting the size of your open positions.

Let off steam: Many traders daily set aside time for exercise, meditation and other activities that allow them to relieve stress, obtained in the market. Physical exercise, including active sports, martial arts, lifting weights and the like give you the added benefit of bringing you in the best shape, which by itself usually improves the quality of trading.

Switch completely: Forget about trading – by the hour, day or longer on vacation – it’s fast, easy and practical way to relieve pressure. Unfortunately, the most hardened traders it works only briefly. Several days or weeks of life out of the market and the lack of profitable opportunities, forcing them to feel even more pressure than during the trade.

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