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13. Your creativity

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The is head and shoulders above the crowd. A lot of traders – conformists. They look to the masses for confirmation of their decisions. If the crowd is buying, they buy. If the crowd sells, they sell. But winning traders more flexible. When they need, they boldly go against the crowd.

They listen to your intuition and allow yourself your own feelings. The ability to invent and develop new trading strategy, the talent that separates a winning trader from any other. It is useful to understand the creative process and learn how to raise your creative potential.

Why are some people more creative than others? On this account there are many theories, but psychologist Carl Rogers suggested that one of the most influential. Rogers pointed out that a lot of people grows up in an environment where they feel threatened. They feel so psychologically insecure that they are afraid to Express their own ideas. Parents are extremely control them, believing that if children do not meet their expectations, they will not deserve their respect. Was the hidden subtext that “if you do not do what I say I’ll love you much”. Creative people, on the contrary, I feel free and safe, without any difficulty, exploring new ideas and beliefs. They are free to seek new knowledge and live according to their own internal standards. For example, in the study of Dr. Harrington, the children studied the environment in which they grew, and the creative potential was assessed when the children had reached adolescence. Creative young people grew up with parents who respect your child’s opinion and encourage them to Express these opinions. They allow children to make their own decisions and encourage them to explore the world. Less creative children grew up with parents who did not allow their children to explore their feelings and ideas. They did not allow children to make decisions, believing that “the child should be seen but not heard”. Observers have described educational methods of the parents, as sverhkontsentratsiya and extremely critical.

The data obtained show that our past childhood experiences may influence our ability to think creatively. People who have been overly critical and controlling everything and everyone, the parents, are afraid to Express their feelings and ideas as adults. They are afraid to think flexibly, to look inward and follow your own path. If you grew up in this environment, you may find it difficult to think creatively. You find it difficult to follow your feelings? You secretly fear that you will be punished if you make a mistake? You feel that you have to get permission from others before making important decisions? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, you probably grew up in an environment where it is not encouraged creative thinking.

It is important to think about how you let yourself think freely or openly. It is crucial to recognize that past childhood experiences with parents and other significant adults may still affect your ability to think freely and flexibly. You might have been taught that you must get approval from the parent (though those in trading do not exist) and that you can’t trust your own perceptions of the world. You may be also afraid of that “do something wrong” you will be severely punished. As an adult, however, it is useful to remind ourselves that parents watching over your every move, not with you. You can trust your own opinion. You can operate independently and will be the sole person – You. You do not need to seek approval from others

If you want to be independent-minded, creative trader, it is important to identify beliefs that keep you from it. You may have learned to limit themselves in childhood. Find the beliefs that hinder you to think creatively, and find that you easier to think about new and profitable trading ideas. Once you embrace your creativity, you will reach new heights as a trader.

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