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14. Flow and peak state of mind

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Many experienced traders say that the cultivation of peak mindset – the key to profitable trading. For example, there are moments when everything goes well. The trader is in harmony with the waves of the market.

He feels that should happen, absolutely without any self-doubt or hesitation can freely and easily make the transaction behind the transaction. At such moments, the trader moves to a higher level of psychological state, dissolving in the trading process. All attention is focused on trading. This is a nice and useful condition. It cannot be that a trader constantly experienced a peak state of consciousness, but perhaps this is not necessary. But this is a good ideal to which one should aspire. Whenever You can cause the peak thinking, your trade will be the best.

What is a peak state of mind? It has various names – the “zone” or “flow”. Peak condition for the first time began to study psychologist Abraham Maslow, who explored samorealizatsii people who are often referred to peak experiences, as they experienced higher level of existence. Recently, psychologist Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi investigated people experiencing “flow.” Flow is an optimal state of mind. It’s pure joy personal experience, when attention is focused on your current task. The feeling is so pervasive that lost feeling. One of the best examples of a stream can serve as climbing. It requires focused attention and at the same time extremely rich in discoveries.

have shown that the flow happens when you manifest the eight conditions. The more often you will experience each of these eight conditions in the trade, the faster the trading will become for you a pleasant experience of flow. Let’s look at these eight conditions and how they can be implemented. First, the task or goal needs to be achievable. In other words, the current goal can’t be too abstract or too distant. For example, in trading it is better to simply make a deal instead of dreaming about profits or achieve unrealistic targets. Second, the person must be able to intensely concentrate on what he was doing. In trading it is vital to have a detailed trading plan and control their risk so that you can safely focus on tracking transactions. In addition, it is important to maintain control over their psychological conflicts and stressors, so that they do not interfere with your concentration. Third and fourth, the task must have clear goals and constant feedback. Maybe trading can be a experience flow because the goal is clear and there is constant feedback. A detailed trading plan helps you maintain clarity of purpose. And the corresponding signals, determined in advance, carry out feedback. Fifth, the experience of flow draws you deeply and without effort. People are so addicted that they forget about everyday worries. Sixthly, experiencing flow, people have a clear sense of control over all their actions. Seventh, in this state lost sense of self. Some traders say that when they deal, they are so focused on it, which disappears, for example, shyness; go complexes or restraint. They focus only on trade. Finally, time appears to be accelerating. Hours can feel like minutes.

Under the right conditions, trade may well be the experience of flow. In the end, you choose your attitude to trade. Approach it as a pleasant experience and you will enjoy this journey.

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