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Accurate Forex indicator. It does exist!

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Accurate Forex indicator. It exists!

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Hello, dear friends! Today I want to talk to You about most accurate Forex indicator! Believe me, You will be very surprised.

Absolutely any trader while trading, one way or another, wondered why the technical indicators very often fall short.

The person reads the description of the indicator, it lists all of its advantages, but in the end it is a banal elevatora.

Anyexperienced trader is well aware that all original indicators are modifications of the standard MT4 indicators, all of them assess the market movements from the point of view of historical data.

Accordingly, they cover an extremely abstract situation, which are based on the theory of technical analysis is that history tends to repeat itself.

In practice, the situation is somewhat different. Of course, there are significant factors that lead to the fact that the market in certain conditions repeat their behavior.

However, instead of intelligently considering the processes that are inherent in this process, the person simply hopes to the indicator that, in fact, plays only a secondary role.

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Now I want to show You that it is not so simple, and there are fundamental factors underpinning price movements, and no accurate Forex indicator will not give You the understanding of these processes.

In fact, any analysis of market trends is given to one is the prediction of future price movements with the aim of profit.

The main priority in this case is a clear understanding of the processes that cause the price to move in a particular direction.

But some traders are very difficult to analyze the market without the use of multiple indicators. Even greater complexity causes the proper opening and maintaining position.

Most accurate Forex indicator is the price!

You will be surprised, but the most accurate Forex indicator is the price itself.

You must understand that for the qualitative analysis, You must consider the CURRENT time, not the PAST. Only real time can affect the future outcome!

Accordingly, the highest priority in the analysis of market trends have important price levels and the volume indicator near them. These two measures will fully be able to give You an understanding of the true processes that occur in the market.

In technical analysis indicators laid the process of analyzing the past and the past affects the future is very abstract. If You still do not understand why the blind trust indicator does not bring You any good, then let’s look at an example.

“The Forex market” – we often hear these two words, but the key word here is “market”. Understanding that many would don’t prejudge if You can do to successfully operate on the exchange, or in addition to the damages You can not see anything.

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On the market we can buy something necessary for himself, in addition, can we fairly bargain to knock out the most acceptable price.

In addition, You can open a store with products, and will play the role of a seller, selling to buyers of their products.

Accordingly, You will have your methods of fighting for the potential consumer is high quality of the product, or its low price.

And the advantage is that the seller, who understands the needs of the consumer, offering acceptable quality at relatively moderate price. How all this relates to Forex? It’s simple!

So, why indicators do not work?

You must understand that in Forex market there are buyers and sellers. When You open buy or sell in the market, act in a particular role.

In the terminal we can see the actual price at which you can make your purchase or sale. As soon As buyers will purchase from sellers, the price of the asset will rise because there is demand for it.

This axiom always works, because when the product is in demand, then the price will rise. On the demand itself can affect a huge number of factors! This fully applies to sellers, because if demand for goods falls, then the price will also decline.

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By studying these factors, You get a full picture of the market You know where the market will go, and most importantly – understand why he will do it! Feature of this method lies in the fact that You correlate the distribution of supply and demand, clearly understand that now the market is stronger.

Tell me, is a technical analysis indicator based on these data? No! They only reflect the dynamics of the past, no oscillator or trend indicator will not be able to disclose the intentions of the market.

On this basis, the indicator give late data, forcing You to buy or sell at an unfavorable price, you lose the potential profit.

How to learn to analyze the market correctly?

I hope from the foregoing You understand that the most accurate Forex indicator – this is the price and nothing else.

But can appear quite logical question – how to learn to see the market? It is very simple, You should pay attention to the methodology of Price Action in which to market analysis used patterns formed by price.

I can tell You one thing, if You really understand that no indicator will give You the opportunity to earn in the long run, it will definitely make a serious step towards professional growth!

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