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Cryptocurrency Rocati – real housing for virtual money

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A young Italian engineer from Bologna, Emanuele Pinzi, he created his own token Rocati radically different from their more famous counterparts – bitcoin and Ethereum. The newcomer in the market of electronic money is more advantageous differences from their predecessors. First of all, you do not need a huge amount of energy and investment, despite the fact that the new cryptocurrency is built on the principle of the blockchain.

Energy savings is achieved by binding to the real economy, namely the real estate market. Transactions are recorded by the notary using the same technology of the blockchain in electronic format online. All this gives the process transparency.

The idea Pinzi is simple: to introduce its own cryptocurrency as a payment tool in the market for the sale of residential property by eliminating from real estate transactions, the banking sector and guaranteeing the realization of the ability to purchase and/or redevelopment of residential property with 100% mortgage with no down payment if you pay in tokens Rocati.

This provides a unique opportunity for young families with low incomes to acquire their own homes without the initial capital. Another advantage is the lower interest on the mortgage, than in the banking sector.

How does it work?! Emanuele Pinzi, the Creator and owner of the new cryptocurrency Rocati, tied her to the real estate sector, signed a contract with one of the largest Italian associations of realtors agents real estate Itarco. This gave impetus to the stabilization Rocati: token acquired resistance, becoming less susceptible to fluctuations because it rests on a solid Foundation.

Financial support comes from depositors and outside investors, to invest in the new cryptocurrency. Today the capitalization Rosati is 45 million euros, one token costs 1 Euro. Firm Pinzi guarantees a 100% mortgage with no down payment when signing the preliminary bill of the contract of purchase and sale of property under a lease with option to buy in tokens Rocati.

The rent is in the form of a payment in bitcoin through the blockchain Rocati, it is working capital Rocati: the more payments and transactions taking place in bitcoin Rocati, the more of property acquired for the cryptocurrency, and the higher its quotation. In addition purchasers of residential property, currency is freely available, attracting investors starting cheap cost and stability, guaranteeing its protection from sharp fluctuations.

Investors who buy tokens Rocati, provide an opportunity for young families and the poor to acquire housing with one hundred percent mortgages because their money is going to a down payment for a residential property. According to the founder of the cryptocurrency Emanuele Pinzi, this socially significant factor that makes his company the most attractive for small investors: people know that invested in “brick”, the real sector of the economy, while showing generosity, giving the opportunity to less wealthy fellow citizens to become homeowners.

Another factor, which relies Pinzi, it is the psychological state of investors after a series of scandals and bankruptcies that have shaken the Italian banking sector. Despite numerous assurances of the Italian government on guarantees of compensation to the deceived investors, the money back was guaranteed not for everyone, and the country was rocked by a series of suicides of people who lost all their savings.

The problem was in the classic financial “bubble” that eventually burst. Rocati relies on displacement, with a subsequent complete elimination, of the banking sector the real estate sector, and this willing to help small savers and investors-physical persons.

In this case, according to Emanuele Pinzi, stability is guaranteed by the real estate sector, one of the most stable and steadily developing in Italy.

In 2017, the volume of the real estate market in Italy was estimated at 118 billion euros, with growth of 14% compared to the previous period.

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