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Developing skills in trading

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Hello! Today I would like to speak with You about developing skills in trading, and why they are so important for any trader! I think, for anybody not a secret that any novice trader, just coming on the market, trying to find a system that would always give him a profit.

Roughly speaking, people are annoying trying to find the Holy Grail which will enrich them. I will say this, the urge to find a really good and suitable system is great.

But the judgment of people about the effectiveness of any system is contrary to the true state of Affairs in the context of trade.

How do you think all the newcomers, if they have access to a theoretically profitable trading system, it is the case already in the hat and they immediately start to cut the money on a large scale. If to simplify this judgment, that, in their opinion, they don’t make money, because at the current time they don’t have the most profitable trading system.

But is it really so simple and the availability of the trading system will immediately solve all their problems. Now we just talk about it, why the development of skills in trading is the highest priority.

Here, let’s judge logically! Imagine that You are faced with a new fighter, would You be able to make a flight. Or do You have access to modern medical equipment, could You make a serious surgical operation? I am more than sure that You would not be able to make it into anything!Yes, actually, does not even make sense to ask about this is stupid. But in the context of the financial market found a lot of people who believe that if they just give up a good system, they immediately start making large amounts.

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Roughly speaking, they believe that a profitable system will allow them to join the ranks of successful traders, but, as practice shows, their hopes will not come true. Judge for yourself, but if You give Michael Jordan sneakers, You will have to play just like him?

It is understood that Michael was one of the greatest athletes of our time, not because he was wearing sneakers firm NIKE. Thus, even if You will have access to a good trading system, it is not the fact that You will become a successful trader.

You can spend a lot of money to purchase modern equipment, hire a bunch of advisors, but without proper training it is never, under any circumstances will not make You a successful trader, and it is necessary to understand!

What is this system? It’s just a tool through which a trader achieves their goals, absolutely, as in the hands of a blacksmith hammer is his tool. Can’t get the blacksmith to forge the thing, flailing at her with his fist?

Exactly the same can not in the long term to earn a trader without proper trading system. Experienced and trained blacksmith, even a simple hammer will from a piece of metal to make a work of art.

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In turn, the layman, even in the presence of a cool hammer can’t do anything like that, as he has the necessary elementary knowledge and skills. You can buy different systems and indicators, but the skills and skill You will not buy not at any price.

To purchase skills You need constant practice and development, and the other way is simply no! What You will be like a glove to change the trading system mastery You have will not increase.

You simply paint yourself into a vicious circle and you will be constantly changing and not finding what You need. Once again, the system is only a tool, and it will never solve all Your problems.

Want to succeed in the market? I think what you want… Well then, get ready for a very hard road that really test You strength! Remember, only strong willed people will be able to walk this path and achieve opsega!

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Development of skills in trading is here Your way that will allow you to succeed. For example, if You trade bad, then may is the time when it makes sense to stop looking for a trading system, and to practice and develop their skills.

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