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Excitement in trading

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My greetings, dear readers of the blog and lovers of trading. In this lesson, I would like to talk to You about what is fraught with the excitement of trading, and that it generally represents from the standpoint of psychology.

Perhaps the excitement of the excitement in trading is the most serious problem, which anyway faces absolutely any trader! Initially, it may seem that the passion is a fairly simple phenomenon.

But, as practice shows, to deal with this phenomenon is extremely difficult, said a lot of plums! When a trader is wrongly understood the nature of the market, he unwittingly becomes a hostage to this phenomenon, which in most cases leads to significant losses.

Should be clearly understood that when the trader gives in to passion, then at this moment he is not trading, in this case it lends itself to a strange game. At such moments, the player can be very difficult to understand when you really should stay out of the market with minimum loss, or to withdraw the earned profit.


Notable is the fact that trader usually understands that in the moment he falls into a strange state of excitement, but even in spite of all the understanding of the current situation, many simply can’t put a full stop and to stop their actions.

The most difficult thing for a gambler is really stop. It usually happens when a person enters a rage, he doesn’t see anything around, I think we should not even say that the lack of control over the situation may lead to the most unpleasant consequences.

If we talk about the excitement in trading then the trader succumbing to this feeling, it doesn’t really work – he just plays. In this case, the very purpose for it is not a profit, he just needs to twist roulette.

In fact, the similarities are many, but all the same, any stock exchange and casino is a totally different dimension. In fact, exchange is a huge opportunity, where success will directly depend on mental activity of the trader.


Roughly speaking, if we are talking about trading, in this case, the success lies in the hands of the man himself, and his ability to make successful steps. Speaking specifically about the game, here Your skills play a secondary role, in this case, priority is only luck, and nothing more.But if you talk about the emotional component, the player and the trader in many respects it is similar. Trader, succumbed to the excitement feels just greed and in this moment he loses control, he catches the so-called tilting.

It is driven by two thoughts: we need to take back, and the situation will change in my direction. These two judgments is the most dangerous what do can think any trader. Incomprehensible greed and incomprehensible hopes killed for Deposit.

Here it is necessary to understand that Forex does not correlate with real work and meaningful action. In principle, the appearance of excitement is quite a reasonable and understandable. When a trader gets loss, it is natural that he regards it only as a temporary phenomenon.

He seeks to win back lost money, citing the fact that now everything will change in his direction, and he will recover loss. The logical premise of all this can be seen in the fact that the trader simply can’t accept losses.

Again, I have repeatedly said that any loss in the market is a natural result in any case, the losses will appear. How to get rid of them?-Yes way! Any loss is an integral part of the trading process, from which we remove not.


You have to understand, if You lost money in the deal – then deal with it, they ceased to be Yours. Stop trying to flog a fever, there will be a new day, and the market will allow You to catch up, for sure!

Permanent residence under the state of excitement may seriously affect the emotional state in General! As a rule, even if the trader fails to win back lost in the moment, it does not bring him any satisfaction, as it is already pursuing completely different goals.

In this case, it is necessary a huge jackpot, he wants to get at any price. I think that even here there is no sense long to explain that such thoughts and actions will lead to a complete collapse!

In total, we summarize all of the above! Excitement in trading is the real scourge of every trader! Always remember that passion will lead You only to fail, be disciplined, and the market will generously reward You for it!

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