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Halal+bitcoin = WOW! Virtual money coming to the masses

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Tradition and modernity are not always hard antagonists. For example, the Shariah of Bahrain issued a license to Shariyah Review Board (product compliant with the rules of Islam) Foundation Stellar Development Foundation, the developer of the cryptocurrency system Lumen.

In General, the interaction of Muslim theology and new information ideology is not a simple question. The Council on consideration of Sharia (SRB), a reputable international consulting organization, which cooperates with the Central Bank of Bahrain, issued a communiqué in which it stated that “the guidelines and concepts provided by the Fund, was not found contradictions of Sharia law”. However, it also says that “users seeking to achieve compliance with the Sharia should take note that the mere compliance with the attached principles does not automatically enforce the laws of Sharia”, and every transaction one way or another must be analyzed Islamic experts.

Fair to recognize that the trend in the recognition of cryptocurrency Halal, is characteristic only for the countries of the Persian Gulf and South-East Asia (Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Indonesia and Malaysia). The rest of The Islamic world is still in doubt. Undecided with respect to the cryptocurrency Turkey, skeptical looks at them the Iran. 20 million Russian Muslims, too, while I doubt Blagodatnoe network equivalents. Although, last year at the round table “current state and development of the Islamic economy (a cryptocurrency blockchain and Islamic Finance)”, held at the Russian Islamic Institute, a suggestion was made to create a cryptocurrency, tightly tied to the price of silver, the Muslim Holy metal.

By the way, the London mosque Sequell lane, according to the rector, have received far more donations in bitcoin than in cash. Of course only after the first recognized Halal.

A similar path is the Jewish community. In Russia launched the first kosher cryptocurrency. Bitcoen. It is supposed to produce 100 million bitcoen at a starting price of $1 per unit. And run the system will, according to RBC, the “Council of six” which will include the most respected representatives of the Jewish Diaspora, figures of science, culture, art.

Orthodox theologians categorically against the spread of electronic money. The integration of the person into the network deprives him of freedom and, thereby, brings the Kingdom of the Antichrist. In some Orthodox churches held prayer services for the termination of mining, for example, in Holy Trinity Church in the city of Yefremov in the Tula region. But such actions are rare.

Meanwhile, the future of the religious correct cryptoprocta vague. However, the trend is clear. People with traditionalist views trying to understand the phenomenon of “new” money, to reconcile it with their worldview and make a profit. In other words, it’s nothing personal, just business.

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