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Greetings dear blog readers and all fans of tranga. Today, the topic of our article will be a very interesting trading strategy called Persepolis. I found it on one of the forums, and I managed some time to test it.

I will not lie, the duration of the tests was not very high, on the order of weeks, however I was able to draw some conclusions to this specific system. In this article I want to share with You new material, and hopefully it will for You very helpful.

  • Simple Forex strategy

In General, it can be noted that the presented trading system is very simple. It effortlessly immediately from the first sight will overcome any beginner. However, I noted with a negative point of view is the fact that false alarms happen quite a lot.Requires an additional filter that would efficiently weed out false points. I can offer the following scenario: we look at higher timeframe trend, and younger intervals, we ignore the inputs against a strong trend.

Roughly speaking, if You are trading on M5, it makes sense first to look at the interval M30. For example, on a larger timeframe there is a clear upward trend, respectively, for the lower interval, we must strictly adhere to purchases.

No, of course nobody has the right to prohibit You from trading against the trends, but such transactions, the chances of a positive outcome is much will fall! Especially for beginners I do not advise you to trade against the trend!

You need to understand that the counter-trend trade has its own characteristics, and the trader without experience is unlikely to be able to trade profitably in these conditions. I think everyone has heard the notion that the trend is our friend.

Of course, if You’re trading with the trend, the number of potential inputs to decrease, and quite strong! However, You will begin to understand how the market moves and what controls it.

And over time, as experience may try to use other methods, including trade against the trend. But here it should be understood that in this case it is not necessary to set ourselves big goals, because the market is easier to move along the trend than against it.

System description

Presents an interesting trading strategy is scalping Persepolis, the author recommends to use it at intervals from M1 to M15. I can say that from using the M1 would be better to refuse.

The fact that false signals will be just a bunch, and I’m not exaggerating. On the minute interval for each profitable signal will have 3-4 losing, of course, we do not fit!

Personally, I tested the trading system on M5, and in my opinion, this interval is the most appropriate for the trade. Of course, losing the signals are, moreover, even more than their profitable. However, due to large take profits we can cover a few losses.

The system includes a number of copyright indicators, which play a clear role:

  • Medium term scalper. Is a line that the market will change its direction and color, and indicates it in the form of arrows. A green arrow indicates an upward trend, respectively, red arrow indicates downward trend.
  • FXprime V Is a kind of filter system. Green histogram indicates a purchase, and the red histogram indicates sales. Sometimes the histogram will be missing is an indicator that the market is undergoing consolidation.

For repainting indicators I did not watch much, but like did not notice this! I noticed a feature that FXprime V2 installed on a graph two times, but why the author did it – I can’t understand.

Their testimony is absolutely identical, respectively, one of them can be deleted so as not to clutter the free space. In principle, this description is over, and now it’s time to consider a potential transaction.

Case studies

Trading signals this system is quite simple: for shopping, we need to wait to line repainted in green and there was a corresponding arrow. Then, look at the indicator histogram and the color histogram itself have to match the color of the arrow.

  • The stochastic indicator

For sales we expect that the line will repaint in red and a red arrow. After you pay attention on the histogram for confirmation of the transaction, it should be painted in red.

I want to see, be sure to pay attention to the histogram, and do not trade one for the arrows, otherwise there will be a huge problem!

Here we have a clear buy! First we have green arrow and the line is repainted green. Together with this histogram confirms the current direction of the transaction.

As You can see the price immediately and confidently went in an upward direction, and the trader in this transaction could take up about 55 points.

Here we see a good example of sales. Let’s start with the fact that there is a red arrow, and the line is colored red. As for the histogram, it was too red, respectively, have been included in the sale.

In the end, the deal really paid off! I want to note that sometimes the bars of the histogram will be absent – there will be empty space! In this case, the market is experiencing consolidation, respectively, of the entry points there!

Here in flat can experience certain problems! As You can see, some times there was a sell signal, but it never worked. Of course, the losses have been small, but if the trader was part of a large lot, then it would be a huge problem.

Generally speaking, this strategy is really interesting, though, in my opinion, it is very far from ideal. There are other systems that performance many times greater than this!

However, some traders it will be really interesting, especially those who prefer to trade with the trend. Maybe You will find your new filters, and the system will really impress You with their results.

I really hope that this material would be interesting for You. Soon there will be more discussions of interesting trading systems. Don’t miss out! I wish You good luck in our tough job!

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