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Let Hollywood DLT to budget

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The blockchain and cryptocurrency – these are topics that increasingly arise in connection with the fields far from kryptomere and trading. For example, the blockchain is increasingly associated with the entertainment industry, and cinema. The cost of making movies increased significantly, so to make a movie only to those who can raise capital of the industry giants. But what about those who came up with the original idea, but funds for its implementation not found? The answer to this question promises a world of kryptonyte. We already wrote about the initiative from Korea, but the film industry’s interest was not limited only to this project. Hollywood continues to show interest in the world of cryptocurrency and technologies. The conference Block Seoul we met and talked with Marcello MARIE, which promotes the idea of the blockchain in the world of dreams.

“Our project is the result of a collaboration with Christopher WOODROW – Hollywood producer, whose works are very famous: Oscar winner Birdman, as well as “Dallas Buyers Club” and the movie “Black Mass” – says Marcello MARI. But they all have one thing in common: they are all independent films, which had been worked by the pool of independent producers. In the modern film industry there is such a situation that if you’re not one of “supertopo”, creating movies is very difficult. Moreover, the waiting period for return on investment is about a year, making the market inaccessible for independent producers”.

According to Marcello MARIE, that’s why so many of the Avengers, transformers and other big budget films, whereas the share of the author’s high quality movie much less. Democratization of the market is longstanding, urgent need, they want to solve many film producers with the help of the blockchain.

“The crypt in this case will work as a mediator, uniting all involved in the process than is immediately charged a number of questions. Not a problem of distribution, receiving money from many different channels of distribution, and besides, cryptocurrencies work as a great tool for optimization and control over expenditure: the blockchain is a smart allows you to track all financial aspects. Due to the blockchain to become much more transparent, in fact, everyone will be able to keep track of how were spent the invested money”, – says Mr. MARIE.

Nevertheless, blockchain and everything associated with it – while more of a mystery to people in the film industry, as cinema is a very traditional and conservative, and innovations in it – a rarity. So far, unfortunately, few of those who looks at the blockchain to solve problems. There are some examples, in logistics, distribution or production, but yet very few are looking for a way more systemic, more deeply applied. In addition, there is a very subtle point: if Hollywood producers to implement the blockchain in the Holy of holies of cinema – kinologiya where they are for decades to decide who will receive funding and will be the star and who is not.

For this reason, it is important to present a working product in Hollywood: this is a priority for the promotion of the blockchain in the Factory of dreams. And Marcello MARIE I am sure that when people in the industry understand that bloccano more profitable, more transparent and safer, to use it start: “Hollywood knows how to count money, and the way to make them and save, definitely will interest him. We are well aware: do not expect that the producers of the first magnitude once you get into this idea, but I’m sure as soon as the blockchain will show up in the movie, many people immediately will start to use it”.

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