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Our dreams in the Forex market

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Today I would like to address the issues of how to implement our dreams in the Forex in the context of the dispersal of the Deposit. Let’s judge logically, any newbie wants to overclock a Deposit and turn $ 100 into $ 100,000. We speculate, and indeed whether that dream be realized in objective reality?

Questions: How can you consider your life? What are some things in life we do? What are we doing to grow and become better? As we tend to react to the actions of others? As we struggle with its negative aspects? How to earn a good profit?

It would seem that these are very simple questions, but they have a very deep Foundation. With high probability, if you ask such questions to people spontaneously, he will not be able to answer them immediately, he will need time to think, before he will give answers.

With these same questions continuously connected our life in society, understanding of self in this society and development in it. How often do we ask such questions to yourself? I think not! It happens very rarely, and some of us do not ask these questions.

Or, for example, this very interesting question: I’d like to change something in the past, in the future, I was doing great? Naturally, any person at least once thought about what it would be wonderful to go back and correct your mistakes and to avoid destructive processes that followed these mistakes.

How often do we regret what we have done in the past? There are people who say that they never regret what you did. We can say that such people are largely disingenuous, because in the life of any person there are mistakes for which he will be ashamed for the rest of his days, that’s life.

Unfortunately, time is an irreplaceable resource and make a mistake, we can’t turn back time, and fix it. All we can do is to change even in the present, adjusting to the new realities of life in the future to avoid similar mistakes.

You have to understand that making mistakes is vital, makes no mistakes only one who sits idly by. People who are in quest of, anyway, is inclined to make mistakes and it is our life. That is what is really bad is not to make their mistakes in a constructive conclusions.

So You personally condemn myself constantly stepping on the same rake, like a masochist. Personally, I have always had dreams of traders because they are fixated on the past, they just live them.

But to achieve success, you need to be motivated today with an eye on the long-term future. Let us analyze, what are the dreams in the Forex market. In a global context, all our dreams are divided into tangible and intangible.

The first category includes the dreams, and then suddenly find the love of my life, my family was always healthy to always the birds were singing and things. As for the second group, everything is much simpler and more trivial: to be rich, buy nice house, buy a cool car and stuff.

I don’t need to explain that our dreams in the Forex market give rise to the potential material benefits. Of course, we want just a little more, and most importantly – immediately. Man begins to exalt your expectations and actions, but he does it in a very short time.

The market is a hostile environment, which in the shortest time makes any beginner a good dose of reality and return to this mortal world. No need to dream, dreams live boys and real men live true purpose. The pursuit of materialism makes us hostage of our own illusions, and from this prison is not just to get out.

Learn how to look objectively at the circumstances, sometimes it’s not always easy to do, but it is necessary in order to achieve success! Over time, the present becomes the past, the future will become the present.

Before sleep, ask thoughts, and how You can change tomorrow for the better. For example, try a whole day without swearing, help your neighbor, be friendly, and in this spirit! These simple life indeed will be reflected in us.This will help in the context of trading? Quite simply, the man is such a creature that gets used to everything. If You learn to do right, the actions You will perform on the market.

Over time, You will understand that it is not necessary to dream of the Golden mountains, because to them calmly can be reached if you put your mind to. People tend to be dreamers, and that means they have ambition, but not enough! The mere presence of ambition is only a small part, because most of these ambitions it will be necessary also to implement properly.

Know when You will come on the market, all Your dreams broken on the rocks of this seething ocean. Remember, only motivated and determined people succeed.

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