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Written by forex gathered on this page the most recent and important news about the digital economy and the cryptocurrency for the day. The most interesting stories from trusted sources. Each of these events affects the digital economy. The facts of the past day in the exact quotes.

1. MYSTICAL China (Bloomberg)

Bitcoin-kit had a price drop

When bitcoin fell 15% in two days, in the Internet appeared the theory that the movement came “the kit”.

According to rumors, the major holder of the cryptocurrency’s digital wallet, which dates back to 2011, that is long before anyone heard about HODL, moved for sale. His or her wallet once had as many as 111,114 bitcoins at their peak would be worth about $ 2 billion. Rumors that this “kit” wanted to cash out their cryptocurrency after the fall in prices this year, began two weeks ago.

2. Many people do NOT EXPECT (Forbes)

Bitcoin will continue to grow throughout this year, but not exceeding $8,500

Reports that Goldman Sachs plans delay its proposed cryptocurrency trading Desk, is detrimental to the investor sentiment. The news sent bitcoin into a deep dive, erasing all the profits that the cryptocurrency was observed during the first few days of the month.

However, the number of users in the bitcoin network will continue to grow steadily in the coming months, so its price will increase by more than 30% over the next three months to reach $8500. But overall, the figure pales in comparison with the maximum achieved in the previous year, and significantly below the level of 10 000 dollars, observed in may.


Faced with a shortage of cash, Zimbabweans are turning to bitcoin

Cryptocurrency, may be banned in Zimbabwe, but bitcoin helps ordinary people. It is perfectly suited to more than 10 million Zimbabweans who do not have access to basic banking services. And it is more beneficial to those who uses Bank services,and seeking to protect their savings from Bank failure, inflation or even political unrest.

Right now Zimbabwe faced a serious cash crisis, which forced people to stand for hours in line for money in the Bank. Not only that, the main cryptocurrency helps people to pay for apartment rent and pay bills, it also makes it easier for Zimbabweans task the acquisition of goods and services that are charged in dollar terms.


Companies tend to solve the problem of security of bitcoin, despite the price drop

Startups are actively trying to resolve the issue of control or a method for the safe storage of crypto-currencies. For institutional investors, who are accustomed to the safe storage of money or insurance from the FDIC the question of where they will place cryptocurrency of their paying customers, the biggest dilemma.

“Institutional investors are very interested in finding a solution, but they haven’t seen what they would consider perfect,” said Monica Summerville, senior analyst at TABB Group, specializing in financial technology. “They still own you store all your keys and manage them.”

5. DLT Games (Venture Beat)

Cocos-BCX raised $40 million for the development of a gaming platform on the blockchain

Beijing Cocos-BCX raised $40 million for its platform on the development of games in the network blockchain. The company was founded by leaders of Cocos2d-x, one of the largest platforms for developing games with open source code, which has become popular for creating mobile games.

Funding started after showing the demo-version of Cocos-BCX in March 2018, which showed the components for the generation, transmission and stored offline in-game items on a pilot version of the Virtual machine Cocos in network CocosChain. Since the demonstration of the Cocos-BCX has doubled its team to 40, and opened new offices in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and San Francisco.


The blockchain in travel industry and hospitality

Over the last decade, the industry of travel and hospitality has moved online. The Internet has revolutionised the way people travel — web-sites for instant price comparison cheap web airlines and General applications to finding accommodation like Airbnb. The blockchain technology is the next logical step in the transition from expensive centralized control to a fully Autonomous self-driving travel ecosystem.

The blockchain is completely decentralized, Autonomous and open-source. The system is supported and controlled by all participants and cannot be used in the interests of one party more heavily than the other. With the blockchain system, consumers can interact directly with retailers, reducing the participation of middlemen, to save and to provide the most efficient and optimized user experience.

7. FROM the ASHES (Tech Crunch)

Hacera creates a directory of projects on the blockchain, to facilitate their search

In the 1990-ies, when the Internet was young, companies such as Yahoo, have created directories of web pages to make them more accessible. Hacera wants to use the blockchain for this same idea, and today they announced the launch of a network registry Hacera.

Hacera realize that every cloud service provider wants you to use their blockchain-service. However, they also see that to move the technology forward it is necessary to standardize the way of doing business, and they want to provide.

8. TIME CHANGE (News, Bitcoin)

Former Governor of the RBI believes that the time has come for the best

Bank fraud in India opened ripening the boil this year, with the result that the public began to question concepts such as the Board of Directors, management, public sector, bankruptcy, and transparency to investors.

The decentralized structure of the transaction may not be the answer to some of the current issues of the BFSI sector, but it can be concurrent or phased solution. There is no problem in considering alternative solutions, including solutions based on crypto-currencies to create the required industry transparency.

9. WOMEN’s CLUB (Irish TImes)

Irish blockchain Council for women aimed at raising awareness of the technology

New Irish blockchain organization for women was created to raise awareness about the most fashionable technology. The organization seeks to provide a platform to raise awareness about the potential of the blockchain as a career for women, and also about educational opportunities in the area and so on.

Among the founders of Blockchain Women Ireland — representatives of the Ministry of Finance, BNY Mellon and the research Foundation adaptive research centre in the field of digital content and technologies.


Walmart uses blockchain technology in several patents

Walmart has applied for and won a patent on the technology of the blockchain, aimed at solving problems in various fields ranging from logistics, traceability, trust and transparency and to reduce waste. And retail giant, it seems, is looking for ways to achieve competitive advantage through early adoption of technologies blockchain.

While the majority of retailers around the world are just beginning to consider how to integrate blockchain technology in its processes, Walmart has been actively exploring opportunities and runs the test through its multi-tiered strategies to reduce the cost of creating a supply chain to keep up with its rival Amazon. And in the process helps Walmart whole blockchain space, introducing technology into the everyday life and mongering hype.

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