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Written by forex gathered on this page the most important news about the digital economy and cryptocurrencies over the week. The most interesting stories from trusted sources. Each of these events affects the digital economy. The facts of the last week in the exact quotes.


Brothers Winklevoss brought a new stablon on the market

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss will not allow the failures of the SEC or a sharp decline in bitcoin prices to stop them. This year they launched a new cryptocurrency product.

Their exchange, Gemini Trust Company, introduced the Gemini dollar, adjustable stablein, which will allow people to send and receive US dollars in the cryptocurrency Ethereum. “Dollar Twins” received approval from the Department of financial services new York and will be bound to the cost of 1 to 1 to US dollar.

STEP is worth a BILLION (Forbes)

Step that can save the European banks more than twenty billion dollars

According to reports from Europol, European banks spend $ 20 billion on protivootechnoy prevention. Every year the division of financial investigations intercept only 1 percent of the nearly $ 1 trillion, laundered across the continent, that is $ 10 billion, or half the cost of prevention.

This is an inefficient process. So inefficient that more and more measures to prevent money laundering criticized.

In addition, it begs the question, why is it done: financial institutions are actually charged with the process, which seems a responsibility of the government.

RUSTIC DLT (Geekwire)

Mining is changing the world, megawatt for megawatt

Malachi, Salcido, bitcoin miner and the founder of a large Contracting firm Salcido Enterprises, made this observation about the modern world during my visit in the hot and smoky valley Wenatchee this summer.

A civil engineer who grew up near many hydropower projects which span the Columbia river in the Wenatchee valley in Central Washington, knows firsthand that one of the most transformative industries in the history of the planet — Information technology — requires reliable and inexpensive sources of electricity.

So instead of “selling shovels” to prospectors in pursuit of gold rush, he decided to start “digging” himself. His company is now run by a network of mining bitcoins, which he estimates controls about four percent of the world’s production capacity, and he devotes most of his attention to the growth of this part of their business.


A startup called Voatz wants to build an uncrackable method of voting via the Internet

Voting in the United States is a complex undertaking. Elections shall be held in person polling centers opened during the opening hours of most people, a day that is not declared a national holiday. They are controlled by strict laws, voter identification, intended to screen out impostors, in many cases successful, mainly in the deprivation of civil rights.

Some argue that efficiency is not the goal of the voting process, and, first and foremost, security. Therefore, in this election season, West Virginia will test a new voting system based on blockchain, which officials hope to launch simultaneously with the main. But experts called it a “terrible idea”. No one is forced to adopt the new system, but two districts decided to join the initial pilot project, and now the military who are abroad, have the right to use the blockchain for voting in the November election.

FAITH IN the CRYPTS (Forbes)

70% of financial executives believe that cryptocurrency is not going anywhere

A new study has shown that the majority of surveyed managers of institutional investment — respondents were 141 people — believes that the regulatory framework will evolve around cryptocurrency that will ultimately lead to growth and innovation, and part of the cryptocurrency will certainly be able to survive and prosper, even if many others fail.

In this report, published by the consulting firm Greenwich Associates, also says that more than 70% of executives surveyed institutional Finance believes that crypto currency will take place in the future of the industry.

“They don’t think virtual currency will leave. Cryptocurrency is definitely here to stay,” said Richard Johnson, Vice-President of the group for market structure and technology, Greenwich Associates and author of the report.

The NEXT STEP (Seeking Alpha)

Vechain could be the next success story in the world of the blockchain

23 Sep American audience will Vechain — product Shanghai blockchain. This will help them CNBC and program Advancements with the lead, Ted Danson. He will travel to Shanghai to build a profile of the company and its work.

Unlike many, Vechain have a working product. The company creates it 2014. It’s blockchain Ledger, which helps maintain the logistic database for enterprises. Focusing on the fight against counterfeit products, Vechain believe that the idea of the blockchain is well suited for insurance, automotive industry, luxury trade and many other things.


Companies tend to solve the problem of security of bitcoin, despite the price drop

Startups are actively trying to resolve the issue of control or a method for the safe storage of crypto-currencies. For institutional investors, who are accustomed to the safe storage of money or insurance from the FDIC ,the question of where they will place cryptocurrency of their paying customers, the biggest dilemma.

“Institutional investors are very interested in finding a solution, but they haven’t seen what they would consider perfect,” said Monica Summerville, senior analyst at TABB Group, specializing in financial technology. “They still own you store all your keys and manage them.”

WOMEN’s CLUB (Irish TImes)

Irish blockchain Council for women aimed at raising awareness of the technology

New Irish blockchain organization for women was created to raise awareness about the most fashionable technology. The organization seeks to provide a platform to raise awareness about the potential of the blockchain as a career for women, and also about educational opportunities in the area and so on.

Among the founders of Blockchain Women Ireland — representatives of the Ministry of Finance, BNY Mellon and the research Foundation adaptive research centre in the field of digital content and technologies.

VIVA LA FRANCE! (The Next Web)

France has introduced legislation in the sphere ICO

Despite its calls for the EU to harmonize regulations in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain, France launched a private initiative and presented their own rules for initial offers of coins (ICO). Yesterday on Twitter, the French Minister of economy and Finance, Bruno Le Mair announced the approval of a legislative framework which will require to ICO, which began in France, have provided guarantees and security to investors.


Legislation in the field of cryptocurrency requires the government to “softness”, says regulator

When it comes to oversight of digital currencies, regulators should not build obstacles for innovation, but should not succumb to manipulation, said the Chairman of the Commission on trade in commodity futures John Kerry.Christopher Giancarlo.

Speaking to CNBC at the annual Singapore summit on Friday, he said that the Internet thrives because the government is not too Intrusive and applies the approach of “do no harm”. The same principle applies to the issue of digital assets.

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