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Written by forex gathered on this page the most recent and important news about the digital economy and the cryptocurrency for the day. The most interesting stories from trusted sources. Each of these events affects the digital economy. The facts of the past day in the exact quotes.

1.PICKS up YOUNG AND GIVES to the RICH (News.Bitcoin)

Robinhood, rather, helps traders with wall Street than young investors

Journalist Logan Kane from Seeking Alpha deeply immersed in the practice of popular cryptocurrency exchange and trading applications for smartphones Robinhood. According to Mr. Kane, “it seems that today’s Robin hood takes the Millennials and gives high-frequency traders. Robinhood not only accept payment for order flow, but they seem to sell orders of their clients more than ten times more expensive than other brokers involved in this practice.”

2. The REALM of “WHALES” (The Next Web)

More than half of all bitcoins on the accounts of whale investors

Research company Diar collected some interesting data showing that less than 1 percent of all wallet addresses control 100 billion dollars in the bitcoin network. In fact, more than half of working capital controlled by the bitcoin wallets with balances in excess of 200 BTC ($1.25 million).

Moreover, it seems that a third of all bitcoins held by the “whales”, never used for outgoing transactions (this means that the “whales” never withdraw bitcoin from their wallets after receiving it).


Understanding the strategy of the blockchain China

Over the last couple of years it became apparent that the Chinese government seeks “and capital to purchase, and innocence to observe” when it comes to assets cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Simply saying “the blockchain, but not bitcoin” has become the defining strategy of the country, when it comes to the cryptocurrency space, and the difference in the approaches adopted by the government, is enormous.

The reason is that the Chinese government pays special attention to internal stability, a key part of which is economic growth. So officials in Beijing will not allow bitcoin or any other technology to threaten him. This is not the first time that China has adapted the technology to their own market. While the majority of enthusiasts praise the business model and the success of leading Chinese technology firms like Alibaba and Tencent, they exist in their current state today is largely due to the protection afforded by the “great firewall” of China and a number of protectionist measures that have delayed or closed access to American companies such as Facebook, to market.


France announces the adoption of rules on loyal conduct of the ICO

France adopted a new set of rules for the initial sentences of coins (ICO). The Minister of Finance and economy of France Bruno Le Mair explained that this will allow the French financial authorities (AMF) to authorize and approve companies who want to use the ICO as a means to raise capital. The company will be required to provide information on the tokens AMF, giving investors the opportunity to exercise due caution before making financial commitments.

The regulations also stated that the ICO should provide the investors with guarantees and a clear definition of your cryptotoken. The state guidelines identify them a token as the “intangible property representing in numerical form one or more rights that may be issued, registered, stored or transmitted using a common electronic registration mechanism which facilitates the identification of said property directly or indirectly”.


Dialogues about kryptomere in today’s reality

Despite all the divorce, theft, speculation and wild price fluctuations, which you have heard, bitcoin and other decentralized digital currencies is clearly not going anywhere. Neha Narula, which studies the blockchain all day, and Joi ito, who follows digital money from the very beginning of the Internet, we talked about that might look like it’s a reinvention. In discussion about bitcoin, cryptocurrency and digital money they came to the conclusion that the benefits of all these things repeatedly exceeded all the possible disadvantages.


A-Cubed, owned by Airbus, has launched the blockchain for NGO

A-Cubed, Airbus Outpost in Silicon valley, launched the project open source, blockchain-a project aimed at helping charitable and non-profit organizations that are adopting crypto-currencies and smart contracts.

According to A-Cubed, the project will provide Airbus Heritage Foundation decentralized application to accept cryptocurrency donations and management for themselves and their partners. “Many organizations that can derive the greatest benefit from the blockchain, are excluded because of lack of resources or knowledge. We want to access these organizations for a new class of philanthropists”.


Bitmain do not forget the rule of “money in the Morning-evening chairs”

We all know the wise advice that during the “gold rush” is better to sell shovels. But it is necessary to make sure that you’ll pay for them with cash. And to clarify, for the realities of the modern world, this does not mean that the bitcoin cache.

At the moment, bitcoin mining is a real arms race, with demand for “weapon” is fueled by the price of the coins which it produces. Back in February we wrote about the likelihood that miners will eat, and we are confident that this negative scenario played out, at least for some of them. And all this despite the fact that many were, because the production of cheap coins is better than nothing.

8. TROUBLED FIAT (News.Bitcoin)

Five major banks punished for complicity in the theft of public funds in Kenya

Central Bank of Kenya has fined five large commercial banks for the reception into the circulation of stolen public funds related to a corruption scandal surrounding the National youth service of the country and the Ministry of devolution and planning. In addition, managers and employees of banks could face arrest, fines and imprisonment.

Five commercial banks fined last week, cut the large flow of funds from NYS, reported by the Central Bank. The list includes Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, Equity Bank Kenya, KCB Bank Kenya, Co-operative Bank of Kenya and Diamond Trust Bank Kenya. They handled a total of 3.58 billion Kenyan shillings (~$35 million) received from NYS. Mill added that they were collectively fined 393 million Kenyan shillings (~$3.9 million).

9. Don’T WORRY ABOUT the CUE (Forbes)

The blockchain will not solve the compatibility problems in all areas of health

Many people believe that the blockchain will solve all world problems, including those that for decades have plagued the healthcare industry: interoperability of medical records and data. At that time, as the blockchain and interoperability of medical records can have an almost symbiotic relationship, the blockchain is simply no such properties that solve the compatibility issue of health.

Modern healthcare data exchange requires a Central server or transfer large amounts of data between agencies. And according to research by the Mayo Clinic, centralization can increase security risks, while bulk transfers of data may mean that companies have lost control over their data.

10. Search AND DESTROY (The next web)

Will cryptonote started hunting for miners-malware

Cryptocurrency botnets usually are a tool of hackers, used for secret and illegal theft of the computing power of other people to earn cryptocurrency. But now she has a new man on guard cards of people and it looks like he cleans online from Cryptosporidium.

A botnet called Robot started hunting for malware, maynadie the expense of the crypt. The bot removes it from infected hosts. According to the researchers Qihoo 360 Matlab, which created a botnet, it scans the Internet for specific malware for mining cryptocurrency, called com.UFO.miner, and when found, the botnet installs itself on top of malware and deleted together with it.

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