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Written by forex gathered on this page the most recent and important news about the digital economy and cryptocurrencies over the weekend. The most interesting stories from trusted sources. Each of these events affects the digital economy. Facts on weekends in the exact quotes.1. NOT WHAT IT SEEMS (The Daily Hodl)

Bitcoin serves as a tracking device for catching criminals

Bitcoin is known that hides the identity of the people who use it for transactions. But in the case of 12 accused Russians, who are suspected of meddling in the presidential election of 2016 in the United States, investigators can use a bitcoin as device tracking, checking the transaction network blockchain to prove their guilt.

The developer of blockchain Tim Cotten showed how forensic analysts can use the public information network for tracking of purchases of bitcoin among the perfect allegedly the GRU — the intelligence Agency of Russia. “It’s not a good idea to commit unlawful acts with bitcoin, because in the moment when you found at least one weak link in the operating security, the whole transaction history can be tracked. As can be seen from many of the indictments, the results of which be closed darknet sites and illegal exchanges that operate illegally: to track these things not just easy – it’s a trivial task”.


Can the blockchain help to fill the gaps in funding journalism?

A lot of startups trying to rethink the news business, adding features such as micropayments or mobile video. But a startup called Civil is trying to make a qualitative leap beyond these efforts, the company not only invents its own platform for news and journalism, they also create their own currency.

Civil based Matthew Isles last year, is developing what he hopes will be a new outdoor market for journalists. The building blocks of the project are the author’s blockchain and cryptocurrency. With this system, the tokens will be possible how to Finance the development of the platform and to compensate for the work of authors and editors.

3. RIPPLES CAUGHT the WAVE (The Next Web)

Already more than a drop in the ocean

SBI Holdings not yet fully abandoned their game with blockchain technology. Japanese financial giant announced its plans to launch a mobile payment app for iOS and Android that will use the blockchain belonging to the Ripple network.

At the moment it is known that the application will be launched this fall and that it will be called the Money Tap. This part of the project SBI Ripple Asia cooperation Treaty, signed in 2016 to develop a variety of FINTECH solutions in the blockchain.

4. A NEW HOPE(Forbes)

Agriculture will receive the benefits of the blockchain

The average consumer goes to the grocery store and buys a chicken for dinner. He believes that the bird is safe, but she was examined by specialists and by them approved. But he knows nothing about the origin of the chicken, how it was grown or whose hands it passed on the way to this shelf in the grocery store.

A recent study funded by the Dutch government, studied the potential of the blockchain for the agriculture industry. While their findings focused in other areas, along with the improvement of the technology was also established that agriculture does have potential. The researchers argue that the use of the blockchain can lead to much greater consumer confidence and lower costs because agribusiness is beginning to adopt the technology.

5. DANISH SPANKING (News.Bitcoin)

The largest banking group of the Netherlands is fined $900 million for money laundering

This week the Dutch authorities indicated to the public that the largest financial service provider in the Netherlands, ING, broke a lot of laws about money laundering, because they do not ignore unusual activity, and some bills.

ING will pay $900 million In their defense, they announced that no one in the Bank did not know about the ongoing violations. Dutch prosecutors also found evidence that staff ING consciously helped money launderers. However, chief Executive officer, ING Ralph Hamers said that ten employees have already been either fired or lost their bonuses.

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