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Bitnewstoday.EN collected on this page the most recent and important news about the digital economy and the cryptocurrency for the day. The most interesting stories from trusted sources. Each of these events affects the digital economy. The facts of the past day in the exact quotes.

1. NOT SO BAD (Forbes)

This month is not so bad for bitcoin.

Bitcoin for the last 30 days are quite actively sold, but this was preceded by a bullish run, so the price of bitcoin has remained more or less the same plane, which reminds the investors about the need to look at the movement of the market wider. Despite reaching new highs — prices at almost $7,500 at the beginning of this month the price of bitcoin fell. Now it’s almost the same place was about 30 days ago.

In early September, there were fears that bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin, will go into a free fall. Investors panicked about the fact that will there really is institutional money, which many were waiting for in the market. But this situation and the desire to make a sale “right now”, seems to have passed.

2.MINERS HERE do NOT FAVOR (The New York Times)

In search of cheap energy miners go to the suburbs. They were not too happy.

Huge aluminum plant in the border city again starts spewing heat and noise four years after Alcoa closed it. But now the buzz comes from the thousands of Chinese computer servers, buzzing 24 hours a day with one goal: the production of bitcoins and other digital currencies.

The locals are not happy about this, as most of them uses electricity for heating, and even with a large number of cheap energy they don’t require a lot of time to Deplete the city limits electricity. This forces the city Council to buy more energy at much higher rates, and the resulting utility bills for residents increase dramatically.

3. Went OUT FOR PRE-CELEBRATION (News. Bitcoin)

Artists gather in France to celebrate the forthcoming tenth anniversary of bitcoin.

Art(r)evolution, an exhibition dedicated to the upcoming attainment of the bitcoin double figures — 10 years since the Foundation, is an international community of artists who brought their work on “bitcoin and cryptocurrencies” in the French capital, Paris. According to the website of the exhibition, “shows the potential of the cryptocurrency through its symbolism and practical application” that “will illustrate the Genesis of this digital revolution.”

The creators of the show aim to provide “a unique opportunity to unravel the potential turmoil that cryptocurrency and the blockchain can call in the art world”. Themes of work include “selling art without intermediaries [not]possible”, and researching cryptocurrencies as a means of “freeing yourself from the pressure of the art market and the banking system.”

4.BETTER than ANY of the BLOCKCHAIN (Yahoo Finance)

Marijuana outperforms traditional assets in the market.

Over the last few weeks of the campaign Tilray (TLRY), a canadian company engaged in the cultivation of cannabis, began to attract the attention of investors. The reason is that their share price has risen more than 700% since the July IPO, when they cost $17 per share.

On Wednesday, at the beginning of trading, the stock Tilray increased by more than 40% after CEO Brendan Kennedy told CNBC Mad money that cannabis is a “method of hedging” for pharmaceutical companies and investors, as it will be able to replace prescription opioids and other painkillers. Last week the company’s stock has more than doubled.

5. DAIS PREFERS zcash for (The Next Web)

Criminals still prefer the cue ball, and terrorists — are altcoins.

Europol found that bitcoin is still the main currency of the underworld. Such a conclusion can be drawn from the recent report on Europol’s threat assessment of organized crime on the Internet (IOCTA). The study claims that cybercriminals prefer bitcoin other cryptocurrencies, despite the absence of the function of anonymity.

Europol also expects a shift towards cryptocurrencies focused on privacy. This shift is illustrated by the increase in the number of extortion with the use of these currencies. In particular, members of the terrorist organization ISIS seems to already use the zcash for currency. Europol notes that ISIS has used these assets to purchase a domains websites. Europol notes that the terrorists have not yet carried out any attacks on European soil with the help of cryptocurrency.

6. RIPPLE-NET (Daily Hodl)

PNC Bank, located in the ten largest U.S. banks, joined the Ripple network.

As members of the growing list of banking partners, Ripple, PNC customers will be able to receive cross-border payments in real time. The Bank has over 8 million customers and retail branches in 19 States. His client base ranges from consumers to small and large businesses.

RippleNet is a network of banks and payment providers that use the blockchain Ripple for payment processing, including the possibility of using XRP to reduce costs and to increase the speed.

7. LIE, but do NOT lie like a gas meter (The Next Web)

Texas regulator pursues the Scam, which allegedly endorsed Obama.

The Council for the securities of the state of Texas (TSSB) takes extraordinary measures against cryptocurrency Scam, posing as a respectable and valid blockchain. In his report, the Commissioner of the TSSB, Travis John. HUD reported that the Council issued a resolution on the termination of illegal actions.

The reason for this is that Coins Miner Investment, Ltd DGBK and Ultimate Assets LLC deceiving potential customers false, misleading and deceptive information. Coins Miner manipulated their queries by e-mail to look like it came from Coinbase. The company also promoted themselves on social networks, spreading 33-second video of Barack Obama, presumably endorsing their products.


The Ethereum can halve the ceiling of the capitalization of bitcoins, experts said.

According to one technical analyst, the cryptocurrency that supports the Ethereum network — the world’s most popular cryptographic blockchain for new businesses — can take up to half of the market share of bitcoin in the next five years.

Also, despite the loss of almost 90% of the value of Ethereum, Ian Macleod, an analyst at Thomas Crown Art, art Agency, which uses the Ethereum blockchain to protect against fraudulent activity in the art industry, said that the recent fall in the price of Ethereum reached the bottom, and the growth of the usefulness of the distributed registry the price will make a reversal.

9. CODE RED (News.Bitcoin)

Critical bug in bitcoin.

In the last 24 hours cryptologist discussed the critical vulnerability that was discovered in the Bitcoin Core client (BTC). The error introduced in the Bitcoin Core version 0.14, which also affects all future versions, could lead to failure of the vast majority of the current core nodes. According to Optech newsletter from the developer, was already released a patch that fixes the kernel version 0.16.2 and 0.16.3 latest hotfix requires immediate updating.

10. BITCOIN at GUNPOINT (Bloomberg)

Hackers are targeting bitcoins with stolen BY the NSA.

Hackers illegally generate Monero, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, using a hole in the system is detected by a governmental Agency of the United States, which raised the issue of security one of the fastest growing corners of the financial markets.

This surge associated with the diversion of utilities Eternal Blue in 2017. When government utilities are available to all, it allowed hackers to capture other people’s processing power for mining the digital currency.

11. ENDING WITH the “WILD WEST” (Market Watch)

Wild West of cryptocurrency needs to be regulated

Members of the Treasury Committee of the UK called on regulators to investigate the “murky waters” of the industry of cryptocurrency, which was referred to as the “Wild West”. In the document, the Committee noted that the lack of oversight makes investors vulnerable to malicious and fraudulent activities. “Bitcoin and other scriptactive exist shaped the Wild West. This unregulated industry leaves investors one-on-one with numerous risks,” said Nicky Morgan, MP and Chairman of the Treasury Committee.

“Given the high price volatility, vulnerability to hacking of exchanges and the potential role in money laundering, the Treasury Committee is firmly convinced that the regulation of cryptocurrencies should be introduced as soon as possible,” said Morgan.

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