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Greetings to all fans of trading! All possible winter holidays already behind us, and a good time to consider a new trading strategy Today under our knife got dastatochno interesting, and at the same time profitable Forex system.

Interesting the strategy that its trading rules are quite simple, but its effectiveness is really amazing. Some days I supervised the strategy, perhaps it is too short a period.

However, I was able to make some conclusions that I want immediately to share with You! So, we are dealing with an indicator system, that is, certain trading decisions we will make based on the testimony of indicators.

The figure above illustrates schablon this strategy. As you can see, everything is quite simple, we have several indicators, and their interaction, we will discover certain positions.

It may seem that too many indicators and it will be difficult to find trades, but it is not. In principle, everything is clear on an intuitive level, I think that even the novice trader special problems can not arise.

  • Interesting strategy

The only thing I noticed really high quality trading signals will not appear as much, even if we use low intervals.

Let’s look at what the indicators has in its Arsenal, presented a profitable system Forex:

  • Target bands. Displayed on a chart in the form of a certain channel which changes the direction and width taking into account the situation on the market. With the help of this indicator we will look for entry points, and in some cases going from his account to close positions. There is one additional line! In fact, it is a simple moving average, which is in the middle of the price channel. We need it to trade at very low intervals, where with her help we can fix the trading position.
  • Average Range-Multi. This is an additional tool that is located in the upper right corner of the terminal. We can observe volatility of the market over a certain period of time. The system plays the role of a certain filter.
  • Bressert Scalper Improved. The basement is a indicator that displays its readings in the form of points. grozovye the point – of-sale, respectively, the blue dots are purchasing.
  • MA Tool which bases its readings on a moving averages. Displayed in the histogram, which, depending on a movement of the market, will change its color. The pink histogram is an indicator of the downward trend, the blue histogram is prank uptrend. Notable is the fact that this indicator does not repaint their values.

With regard to suitable underlying assets, I recommend to focus on the main currency pair has a good trend, for example EURUSD and GBPUSD.

Of course, you can also trade cross-pairs, but my tests have shown that the result will be somewhat worse. If we talk about intervals, we are dealing with a scalper strategy with all the consequences.

Roughly speaking, the system uses low intervals from M1 to M15. I do not recommend novice traders to use the minute interval, as the market may behave unstable, and morally such trade is very difficult.

Trading signals

Now is the time rassmotret trading signals that gives us this Pribylina system Forex. Perhaps let’s start with the shopping!

The first thing we need posmotrite on the indicator in the upper right corner. There is a line 1 Day and it is very important to figure in this line did not exceed values over a period of 5 Days to 30 Days.

If volatility in one day exceeds at least one of the other periods, a transaction of this kind would be fraught with a certain risk, as market volatility is very high.

  • A simple strategy

After that, we should pay attention to the price position relative to the channel. For potential sign in to buy we need the price touched the lower border of the channel.

Then look at the two lower basement of the indicator. In that case, if we have a blue bar and blue dot, in this case we can easily open a trading position to buy. Consider this example:

The gray vertical line, I noted the time when it was possible to access the purchase. There is a clear touch of the lower border of the channel, with two basement indicator confirmed us in the direction of the current deal.

As You can see later, the price went up greatly, and this potential transaction would bring the trader a good profit.Now, with regard to sales! Again, we need to look at market volatility in one day in the upper right ogulu, it should not exceed the volatility for the remaining 5 Days – 30 Days.

Then take a look at our price channel, if there is a touch its upper limit, this is the first sign of possible reversal. Next, we see that the two basement indicator confirm to us the current deal.

We have fioletowa point and the purple histogram. Thus, we have a full signal, and we can open sales. As You can see, the signal worked on cheers, because the price actually went down.

As for mounting purposes, here we can use our channel. We can fix the profit on the opposite border of the channel, or in the case of scalping cover the deal right on the line, which is in the middle of the channel.

Regarding stop losses, they can be set to the closest minimum or maximum. In General, due to the fact that the signals of the strategy is accurate enough, then stop loss will be not so much, but they will still not forget!


Overall, I can say that we are dealing with a very efficient trading system that works equally well yourself in flat and trending. Only if the market is trending, it is better to try to trade him.

From a positive point of view, I note the fact that key indicators are not redrawn, but the canal, as it runs behind the price. Again, day trading signals not so much the order of 2-3.

However, they are accurate enough after a month to get a good profit. In General, test and sort it out!!!!!

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