Psychology of trading


Have you noticed such a paradox? Many beginners and experienced traders agree that psychology is the primary condition for success. It is for psychological reasons that they explain both their victories and their defeats. Mention of the importance of psychology has become a banality. But only mention. At best – the list of desirable qualities of a successful trader: disciplined, unresponsive to other people’s opinions, emotional stability …

Meanwhile, the most notoriously discussed are the “non-psychological” aspects of trading: broker choice, forecasts, news, market comments, TA, FA, MM. … Perhaps this is due to the fact that there are more “technicians” and men among traders than humanities and women?

There is a contradiction: despite the apparent unpopularity of the subject matter, applied psychological knowledge is very much in demand. So, your attention is given almost a hundred articles devoted to all sorts of psychological nuances of trading in foreign exchange markets.