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Skills in trading. Part one

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Good day, dear visitors and readers of our blog Today I would like to talk to You about the skills in trading, how to develop them? In my opinion, this topic is very important, and in many ways it correlates with many psychological aspects which we will consider in this article.

The first thing You need to understand the skills of trading and the associated success does not come to the trader in one day! Moreover I will tell You, success in the market may not come for several years!

Of course, it’s all subjective and depends on the predisposition of the trader and his dedication, but to achieve progressive results need time!

You need to clearly realize that behind every successful trader there are years of hard work. You will be able to competently develop their skills in trading only when you will do those things that other people are not able or they don’t want that!

Of course, many people say what they want and can become successful, but this is not happening, why? The fact that they are not making any competent and clear action?

Than similar, and simultaneously different winner and a loser? The fact that they both perfectly understand, to achieve the progressive results we need action. But with all this, the winner is ready to be active, while the loser will find thousands excuses to not to do it!


To start some active actions, it is necessary first to reconsider their attitude to themselves, to organize their thoughts! Of course, in any way man come across certain obstacles, and in the context of this question, I would say there are five major conceptual obstacles!

• Get rid of old concepts
• Learn to manage own emotions
• Understanding the human brain works
• Fight with their own fears
• Set goals for yourself

Success comes when You have the desire to be active in all of this is related to the motivational component. If a person lives in poverty and doesn’t succeed, then there is no fault in this set of circumstances, other people, too, not the slightest guilty.

Together with this, there is nothing to do with the fact that You suffered a failure, or You have some kind of a black stripe in life. One should not rely on the fact that You did not originally born in a wealthy family! In

history knows the names of many people who have made themselves, they didn’t have rich parents, but they had a strong desire to act, they believed in their goal and achieved it. Any obstacles You don’t have to stop if You see a problem, then we need to find ways to overcome it!

First and foremost You should identify in their trade the old concept that continually interfere with Your trade, and to properly eliminate them. To start, you need to eliminate the blind following of something and something.

The following are some Foolish concepts – a sign of the gregarious animal, You have to develop an individual approach and understanding of the market. Along with this, learn how to get rid of the problem. In fact, they have a destructive effect on us, depriving us of the creative forces and suppressing morally.

Problems make You scatter attention rather than focus on your skills, You automatically start to think about their problems, which negatively affects Your development.


What to do in this case? Here You just have to change our attitude to problems. Any problem is a direct challenge if You are strong-willed and morally strong motivated person, you must accept the challenge and fight to the end, the only way victory is achieved.

Your mistakes don’t have to control You! No need to cycle on their mistakes, not commit only those who do nothing in life does. Understand that making mistakes is not bad, what is really bad is not to learn from their mistakes in a constructive and timely insights.

Thus, You doom yourself personally that will constantly step on the same rake. On the contrary, mistakes are an excellent base to move forward.

Be sure if You made a mistake and made some smart insights, in the future You will not repeat this! Honestly, I have not met a single successful person who would immediately have achieved success without making mistakes.

Learn how to focus is an incredibly important aspect. Unfortunately, most people do not focus on something positive, and their prejudices and fears. Naturally, this approach leads to record results.

Our psychology is a very tricky thing! Our vital energy is directed to where we focus. Of course, if You cycle on the fears, they will never allow You to make educated decisions!If we are specifically talking about the emotional component, I think that even here it is not necessary to prove that this is extremely important. For example, such emotional state that motivates You to action to creation and learning of new concepts is, of course, will lead to positive results in trading.

Along with this there are negative type emotions of greed, fear and other things! These feelings steadily will You freeze on your way to success! What can I say? Learn to develop positive thinking?

This will help You in life as You guide your thoughts in a positive direction, and other people will see You really open and cheerful person. Negative emotions should always be avoided, especially in the context of trading.

When several negative emotions overlap each other – this will catalyze the real destructive processes, not only in the context of professional skills, but also in the context of the whole person! Your emotional state is the leading element, which will directly influence Your success in virtually any field!


You should clearly understand the workings of the human brain! Of course, the human brain is certainly unique on. He is able to pass through a huge stream of information every second, thus, it automatically generates a variety of templates that we begin to discern.

Hard to argue with the fact that the brain is a real boon for a person, but unfortunately, many people do not use their mental data rationally. Someone doesn’t want to do, someone can’t do that physiologically.

First I want to say that brain needs training!

Smooth accounts, as the flight is constantly improving and trains his body, in the same way, a person needs to be an urgent need in training your own brain!

You need to understand that trading is a purely intellectual medium. Yeah, Maybe You don’t need different theorems, etc., but without proper mindset You are in this sphere far not can!

How to train our brain? It’s very simple – read more, reach for knowledge! Instead of day and night to play various games, take time books!

Total, this is the first part of the article ends. In the second part we will analyze the functioning of the brain and analyze many interesting questions!

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