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Stablon as a fixed idea of cryptosmart

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Stabilini – a beautiful dream, which is chasing everything in the modern world of cryptocurrency. The reason is that stabilini is the Holy Grail of cryptocurrency that will allow you to forget about such things as the volatility and at the same time not to lose one of the main trumps of cryptocurrency – its decentralization. And most importantly – the value attached to stable exchange asset.

Hypothetically, it is the decision of all problems of cryptocurrency. Moreover, easy and scalable solution, in which, the holder of the cryptocurrency assets are not likely to remain with pumpkin on hand, if you fall bitcoin or if Goldman Sachs will change their mind to launch the cryptocurrency table. But the question arises, why are not all turned on stabilini? We decided to analyze the situation.

First, refer to the history: in the distant by the standards of cryptocurrencies, 2014, Bitshares, financial open source company, with a very strong financial magic tried to create utdallas. The idea was received with enthusiasm, so great that this is bettolle made a dive head down in record time. New scriptactive took about a hundred hours to completely fail.

It seemed like a good idea, but do not correlate with reality, because from a purely economic point of view, stablon is just a derivative (in the case of bagolaro – derivative BTSX, Bitshares token native), the price of which may be stable only under the condition of continuous growth of the underlying asset, which is impossible due to fundamental laws of Economics, even if the creators of the cryptocurrency will be waving fists and shouting: “one-to-one, I said!”

But epic stablon not ended it. The idea seemed too good to give up after the first failure. But it’s a false impression examples of the real economy and say that all absolutely on the contrary: this idea is very bad, if you remember the example of the UK. Attempt to fix the value of its national currency has become one of the foundations of a protracted and systemic crisis, called by many British national economic disaster, the consequences of which were felt for many years.

The fact that a very large percentage of fans of cryptocurrencies see this asset class is the link between the economy of the old world and emerging new digital economy. For them, attempts to enter stabilini in turnover is a noble risk. But history shows that nothing good ever came of it.

A good example of this was the attempt MakerDAO whose stablein had to consider all existing disadvantages of the cryptocurrency and again to become something purely positive. Theoretically, a child of the project Vitalik Buterin had become something like a perpetual motion machine, however, this time the magic Internet currency laws of Economics break failed.

In fact, the principle of stablon MakerDAO, DAI is based on the fact that the Ether will grow indefinitely. But this is a utopia, despite the dreams that the Live and future of the claim that it is completely separate from bitcoin the currency. For the most part the air is also tied to bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, and as you know, the digital gold business is far from perfect.

Stablon projects was already a lot, and some have managed to restart under a different name and even to collect money. And here recently the Winklevoss brothers decided to try their luck and try to create your stablein. The major difference is that this time, he created with the approval of the Department of financial services new York.

Maybe this time things will be different, because Gemeni Dollar first adjustable stablein, which will endow the Fiat currency properties of the cryptocurrency that in theory will allow you to achieve dream about half of the crypto community. But also, quite possibly, it will be another stillborn project, which tries to apply to all possible economic aspects, and it is expected will achieve nothing, then happens the same situation, what happens to the Tether, which was presented as a new word in kriptonyte, but which is all forgotten and if remembered, in vain.

The problem is that in fact, stabilini contradiction of the very idea of cryptocurrency, as the original idea of the God-Emperor cryptomeria, Satoshi Nakamoto was quite the opposite. The essence of bitcoin and blockchain was the release of the cryptocurrency users, the intermediaries and the associated problems of over-institutionalization or frankly parasitic business practices (a good example is Enron). Blockchain and bitcoin were to become the key to liberation from the shackles of traditional financial economic system.

And spherical stablon tied to one of the main Fiat currencies, and it can not exist without the use of those parts of the financial system, from which bitcoin they promised to release. Stabilini now is the most entertaining show in kryptomere. Starring – netipichnaya representatives of the start-up culture in the worst sense of the word, inventing a bike with square wheels, stubbornly ignoring standing next to a normal bike – Fiat currency.

To illustrate the idea, suffice it to recall the cryptocurrency CityCoin, which handles interbank payments. Business is that to be a priority for financial conglomerates, and if a huge staff of analysts CityGroup saw an opportunity in introducing stable crypto asset, they would have first seized the initiative. Of course, there’s a chance that their opinion was influenced by extraneous factors or lack of confidence in the stock market, but making conclusions about cryptocurrency assets, it is necessary to take this small but weighty fact.

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