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Welcome, dear blog readers and lovers of trading. Today we are in fact day almost the best Forex strategy called NonLagMA + SSL. I found this system in one forum, and she immediately liked.

I watched it and decided that it really has the potential. Accordingly, dear friends, I decided immediately to share with You own observations. Perhaps this strategy will help You to receive a stable profit.

Me she first liked its simplicity, the system uses only two indicators, and we are opening transactions, clearly following their testimony. Accordingly, beginners should not cause any problems in the development of this system.

But note, it is not necessary to hope that the system is a Grail! Of course, losing trades will be and that we’re not going anywhere. We just need to be clearly and correctly follow the rules of our system.

I want to note that this strategy is intraday, respectively, will need to devote a lot of time to trade. If due to work or other reasons, You will not be able to spend several hours at the terminal, this strategy hardly will suit You.

Overall, I saw how the system will work on large time frames, like H4 and D1. I can say that, of course, you can try to adapt it to these intervals, but here You have to be prepared for the fact that foot can be very large.

But, on the other hand, I noticed, that large intervals fulfill the transaction itself, well, moose don’t happen too often. But my personal opinion on the daily interval you can safely trade without all the indicators, of course, is my subjective opinion.

This system is based on the testimony of two custom indicators, and their mutual readings will point us to the opening of a transaction. Personally, I believe that this system can be a little more to add, because the signals are unprofitable.

Moreover, it may happen that false alarms will be a few in a row, but the losses will be from them miserable. Once You get a good signal, You immediately discourage a drawdown and a further exit in profit!

System description

The trading system in priority order implies the use of low range from M5-M15. As I said earlier, it is, in principle, can be adapted for larger intervals. But in the context of this article we will review the potential signals on the chart M15 currency pair Euro-Dollar.

The system uses two indicators: NonLagMa and SSL. The first indicator perdstavlyaet a moving average, which given the price movement changes its direction and color. SSL is displayed as a histogram and plays the role of a certain filter. You can download the template, where all indicators are set up and ready to go.

Note that the settings made for the timeframe of M5 and M15. If You want to use the system on larger intervals, then it will have to play with the settings.

This trading system would be best to use during the development of a clear trend. Yes, of course, we won’t know when the trend will change to be flat, so we will not be able to avoid losses. But one confident the deal will more than cover all of Your primary loss.

Again, the most important thing is to strictly adhere to the rules of the system and not to forget thus about the aspects of good management of capital.

The above examples

The rules of this trading system is quite simple! To open the purchases you must wait for the NonLagMa will change its color to green, and SSL confirms the trend in the blue histogram. Then boldly open your purchase!

For sales waiting for the opposite conditions: NonLagMa is red, and SSL repainted in red. Let’s look at a few examples!

Here is an example of a good purchase. NonLagMa green color, and SSL confirms the current trend as a blue histogram. As we can see, the price is really good moved in an upward direction!

Here we have a good sale. NonLagMa is red, and SSL is also red. Here we see that later the price had walked all day in a positive way that would bring for us good profit.

I want to mention an important point about setting stop losses! The author argues that we must exit when the NonLagMa change color to its opposite. Personally, I believe that this approach is not entirely rational, because we will lose a good part of the profits!

You just have to understand that the NonLagMa will change its color to any correction from the current trend. Roughly speaking, the trader will get minimum profit, then the price will be more long distance in Your direction, but Your order is already out of the market.

Therefore, I recommend You to put some fixed take profit value! It is highly recommended that its value exceeded the stop loss at least twice!

In General, the presented system is very interesting! “Best Forex strategy” – the name of the author, in truth, a few causes. Nevertheless, the presented approach is indeed worthy of attention, and with proper use will help you make a good profit!

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