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Hello again, dear blog readers Today we continue to talk about the secrets of Forex trading and develop skills in trading. I present to You the second part of our article, where we continue to analyze the concept of profitable trading.

We stayed on the functioning of the human brain, let’s continue to develop this theme!
So, we talked about how important for the human brain, and now let’s talk about how it works.

The brain uses mainly three concepts: DELETION, GENERALIZATION and DISTORTION.
Let’s start with the removal! If a person tries to focus on something specific, the brain automatically begins to exclude various items and circumstances that will hinder a person to focus on specific.

Accordingly, in this case, we begin to look more at the context in which we need not dissipated their attention to any unwanted matter. Problems arise only when we begin to look for something really wrong, for example, in education.


Rest assured, if You are looking for problems, you will surely find them! Accordingly, if You concentrate on achieving objectives and own development, you’ll be surprised how quickly these goals will be achieved.

Try to focus on the possibilities, then any problems will disappear by themselves. That’s it setting competent goals and a clear plan to achieve it playing for us priority.

Learn first of all to provide for themselves the basic purposes, not dissipating their attention.

Along with this, our brain has the feature of automatically distort reality. For example, good things can seem even better and bad, seem to us something catastrophic.

Any psychological distortion starts with the words “always” or “never”. For example, “my entrance into the market is always wrong” or “I’ll never make a profit”. The essence of the distortion leads only to the fact that we begin unwittingly to focus on the problem itself, which in itself is the wrong approach.

It is necessary to focus on solving the problem. Let’s judge logically, no one problem never, under any circumstances itself will not solve!

To give the world a certain sense, our brain tends to generalize life patterns. These are the most emotional and life patterns helps our brain to work efficiently.

Any template helps us to make quick and right decision, because we already have a rough plan of action in a given situation. Pattern is formed due to our experience and life exposure.

In any case, the deletion, generalization and distortion are strong tools to achieve success, unfortunately, many of the secrets of Forex trading miss this moment.
Now let’s talk about the nature of fear and methods of dealing with it.


In any case, fear is an incredibly strong emotional feeling. Fear is quite a objective, the very fear of active borders with the instinct of self-preservation. Roughly speaking, fear is an unconditioned reflex of any living organism.

We are always afraid for himself or for their loved ones. But, unfortunately, the fears among the people can form and in the context of his presence (fear) is meaningless. In my subjective opinion, fear is the main obstacle in achieving success.

I have identified three conceptual types of struggle with fear that people use.
For a start, you can imagine that Your fear does not exist. In this case, You are trying to recognize your fear, and try to ignore him in every way!

In my subjective opinion – it is absolutely the wrong approach, because thereby You try to deceive yourself. You are looking for a reason for your fear, but just convince yourself that this is no rhinestone.Understand correctly, in this case, the fear will not go away, it will haunt You forever! Not fear in this case holds people back. Holding them back that they pretend this supposedly there is no fear at all – but this is a great deception!

There is another theory of the struggle with fear, when a person can act despite these fears! In General, people are afraid of something, but still continues to act.

If you follow a similar pattern, You may be able to achieve some success in any field, but Your emotional health would be seriously compromised!

Judge for yourself, again, fear isn’t going anywhere, and Your every action will be accompanied by this fear! You will constantly live in stress and the nerves, and for that, Your body is clearly not will thank You!


And the third way, I believe that it is most rational is to admit your fears. Here you need to clearly understand that absolutely every person on this planet has its own specific fears.

The nature of such fears may be varied, someone fears the Foundation was laid at a very young age, and someone with the background to the emergence of fear were some adverse circumstances.

In any case, the person needs to learn to understand and accept your fears, to look your fear in the eye and overcome it. Just, if you believe the vast majority of psychologists, they just think that a lot of fears are formed in childhood.

Everyone fears there is one unpleasant feature – they can worsen. If the person is not trying to deal with their fears, they are compounded, it turns a kind of snowball effect.

Of course, the struggle with fear is first and foremost a struggle with himself, and there is nothing more difficult than fighting with yourself. But here You must clearly understand that only You are able to overcome your fears, no one else will be able to efficiently help You in this matter!

Any man by nature always wants to be the center of attention. Of course, we are social creatures, so we appreciate, when we riveted the attention of other people, it kind of makes us valuable to society!

In General, psychologists distinguish three concepts that people use to attract attention to yourself.

• You have to please. When a person adheres to this concept, it is their needs and desires are put above other people. In this case, the man is a balm for the soul when solve his problems, help him in something, when you do good things for him. In my view, this concept clearly borders on selfishness.

• People are constantly creating problems to others. These people create around different issues. All this happens just because of the lack of attention from others! I can say that in this way attention is drawn to a negative point of view, but it’s better than nothing!

• Person distance attention at the expense of their achievements. Such people always attract attention due to their outstanding achievements. Others are envious of such people, they are always the center of attention. But this kind careerists never dissatisfied with their lives, believing that they have little to reach.

Overall, we have reviewed some of the psychological secrets of Forex trading. Remember, psychology is an important aspect that plays a significant role in the context of trading!

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