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The types of traders. Find your psycho

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! In this article we will discuss the topic of psychological format, namely, the types of traders. I believe that this topic is quite important, as a profitable trading starts first with knowing yourself!

If we don’t know who we are in the market context, to speak about some positive trends don’t have to. I would even say that we will consider the types of traders is not in the context even of their behavior, we will consider them with deeper psychological format.

You must understand that no two people are alike, and therefore no same traders! Each one has its own thinking, preferences and vision of the market. In General, the priorities of the trader based on his psychological type, and depends on a lot.

For example, we can give the trader quite a working trading system, but due to certain reasons, psychologically, he’s not comfortable with it. I think you understand that in such circumstances the system is only gonna get him some serious losses.

In General, global psychological format, traders can be divided into two major categories: active and passive traders. The first group can be attributed to energetic traders who always and everywhere prefer to act immediately, with the lion’s share of aggression.

The second group includes more moderate people who are characterized by their slowness, but they always take balanced and informed decisions! Each of these groups is unique and thus has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Intelligent psycho. Active traders belong to this group, able to make split-second decisions, they very quickly adapt to the current situation on the market. In addition, they are able to analyze their actions and tend to work on their mistakes.

But there are certain disadvantages! Traders of this kind very quickly tired of its action and is unable to maintain a high pace for a long time. In addition, they tend very emotionally react to their own failures!

So traders are advised to train their own endurance and at the first sign of fatigue, immediately take a break.

Passive traders do psycho always very responsible attitude to their actions. They will spend a long and fruitful work, calculate all the details before you venture to open a trade.

But along with this, they are very slow, and sometimes a long think before committing to some action. In the aggressive market realities it may play with them a cruel joke. In addition, they are characterized by a sense of fear and uncertainty in their actions.So traders can be recommended to build its own momentum and not rely on others, and, first and foremost, to trust ourselves.

Intuitive psycho. Aggressive traders of this psychotype that are unable to make competent decisions, even when the market is chaos. Plus, they are very adaptable to new methods of trading.

But the problem is that such traders are very emotional that often prevent them to make competent decisions. Such people can advise only one thing – treat the trade more calmly, of course in reasonable aisles.

Passive traders this group always strive to correctly assess the situation on the market, they are always for objectivity! That is, they are not trying to invent for themselves an entry point, and are clearly based on the market situation.

Unfortunately, these traders are sometimes very painful to tolerate their own failures, and thus they tend to accumulate negative energy in yourself, which affects their mental health!

So traders can be recommended to lead a more active, and still not sit for days on the trading terminal.

Instinctive psycho. Aggressive traders of this psycho for a long time to maintain a high pace of work a very long time. With all this, they don’t forget about fear and do not climb to the slaughter.

It just so happened that these traders always Harbor hope for the best. Newcomers of this sort are often traded without stops and always believe that the transaction will close in the plus, even after a large drawdown. But for them, these tricks always end very badly!

They can recommend only one thing – learn to take losses. If You understand that it is impossible to always be positive, things will work out!

Passive traders do psycho always do everything for sure. They never cheat and all bring to the end, and so often get a good profit.

But with all this, they are sometimes too stubborn. When the market has turned, they persist in thinking that the right and good profits are replaced by not less effective loss. There is only one recommendation – never deviate from the rules of your trading system!

As You can see, even traders with their mindset can seriously differ from each other. Someone calmly accepts the loss, the other is ready to spread all around and cover all around good mate after getting losing trades.

Someone long and hard look before committing to market entry, the other is trying to make everywhere and always. I hope that in one of the descriptions You found out yourself! But honestly, exactly as with the temperaments of man, not being one particular of the dominant psycho.

Roughly speaking, man can get along at the same time two of psycho, but one will dominate the other. Based on all this, we must develop our own trading style and choose the right system.

Let’s say You are a calm trader and tend to think long before you open a trade. Accordingly, You should adhere to conservative trade, not even to go into aggressive trading techniques.

Understand understanding itself and its essence depends largely on Your success trade on the financial market!

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